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Did you catch yesterday's Fashion & Style section of the The New York Times?

In it, JMI's own Lee Clower captured the beautiful (and also particularly fashion-forward) Food Network star, Sandra Lee, for the newspaper's "What I Wore" segment. Photographed by Clower in her Manhattan home, the "Semi-Homemade Cooking" host dished about life, fashion influences, and day-to-day style choices.

If you're interested in reading the full article, be sure to visit the link above, and for more celebrity portraiture by Lee, check out the JMI site!


Last night I made a trip westward-- to the westside highway, that is. This week Pier 92 and 94 are home to one of the most important art fairs in New York, and the world: The Armory Show. The Armory show draws leading galleries from around the world to display some of the most notable contemporary and modern art, all for sale! Since my bank account can't quite support a Salvador Dalí, I went more to window shop.

The show itself is huge. It is split into two parts, modern and contemporary, and each side feels like its own museum full of mini galleries. The pieces ranged from paitings to sculpture to photography to performace. What makes the Armory show different from strolling through the MoMA is that the gallerists are there to tell you about each piece. They were all very pleasant and eager to chat, even knowing they wouldn't make a comission from me! Many of them gave out catalogs and posters and even pieces of installations!

The show is open through Sunday, and you can get tickets here. Below are just a few of my favorites!

How do you think they shipped all this stuff from around the world?! That's a lot of bubble wrap...

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