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"When model maker Jessica Dance asked me to help with her 'Material World' exhibition I jumped at the chance having worked together on a few wool based projects in the past I knew it would be a fun shoot. 

Jess was asked to create her own exhibition as part of the Spring Knitting and Stitching show, she decided to create an exhibition based on items that you might find in a pawn brokers shop and recreating them out of wool to display at the exhibition. 

She wanted to have prints on the wall of the items that she'd made, they ranged from a knitted Chanel handbag, a knitted Apple Macintosh from the mid 80’s to a woolly AK47 rifle! 

As they were so different in scale and from such diverse backgrounds I thought it would be good to photograph them in a familiar way to the viewer, so I recreated how they would have seen the items represented in the past, whether it was in an advert from the 80’s or a luxury editorial spread or even a reportage story. I wanted the shots to be a pastiche of the way the products had originally been represented, the twist being at closer inspection they were beautifully crafted out of wool".

-David Sykes

Check out David's full portfolio here!


Our still life guru David Sykes has created some tasty new photos in collaboration with food stylist Olivia Bennett. Check out his food jewelry photos below! And of course you can see more of David's portfolio on our site!


It's that time of year again!

David Sykes is back with his annual "Adventgram" Christmas Calendar. Each year, David creates this fun and festive daily countdown chronicling the month of December via various numeric photographs.

Join this year's countdown by following David on social media!

INSTAGRAM: davidsykesphotography

TWITTER: @dsykesphotos

Happy Holidays!!


David Sykes recently teamed up with Adam & Eve DDB to produce Ebay's latest ad campaign!

Out now, the ads offer a clever take on the brand's convenient and inexpensive marketplace.

Check out the four ads below, and for more of David's work -- click the link above!


David Sykes is an award-winning photographer... literally!

The artist's print ad campaign for Marmite, titled "Neglect" and shot earlier this year with adam&eveDDB, took home THREE GOLDS at this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity!!

Featured below are a few of the ads.




We're obsessing over the latest installment of David Sykes' "Faux Food" series.

Aided in design by stylist Jessica Dance, David has been able to create a memorable series of "Faux Food" photographs, capturing scenes cleverly comprised entirely of wool.

Check the shots out, below, and for more of David's creative conceptual pieces, visit: blog.davidsykes.com!



"Love it. Hate it. Just don't forget it" is the slogan currently running in conjunction with the latest ad campaign for Marmite.

Shot by photographer David Sykes, the "Marmite Neglect" campaign plays upon the contradictory feelings many UK consumers have for the historic condiment, which, with yeast extract as its main ingredient, calls for a particularly acquired taste.  

Shown below, David's images are the focus of the the company's latest advertising feat, shot with London ad agency adam&eveDDB and appearing in print ads across the UK.

Depicting fully-stocked cupboards with jars of Marmite tucked negligently in the background, the ads offer a comical acknowledgement of the dichotomy between those consumers who "love" the product and those who "hate it." Things are taken an even wittier step further in Marmite's t.v. commercials. Channeling real-life animal rescue programs, the television ads follow a fictional "Marmite Rescue Unit" in its search to uproot neglected jars of Marmite from negligent consumers' homes before re-housing them with loving families.

Since its release, the "Marmite Neglect" campaign has received an outpouring of praise for its clever approach to this famous schism in consumer sentiments. The campaign has been raved about on numerous blogs, and even named "Best Outdoor Ad"!

Check out the advertisements below, and for more of David's work, be sure to visit the JMI Site!



With his trip to the U.S. now over, JMI photographer David Sykes will be saying his goodbyes to the Big Apple today as he boards his plane for London.

In light of his departure, we'd like to share this stunning photo of David's: a retro period piece featuring the American airline that became one of the most prominent cultural icons of the 20th century - Pan Am.

Click on the image below to view more of David's work, and a special thank-you to all those who met with David in New York and Chicago during his visit!


Back in February, David Sykes was commissioned by Irving & co to shoot Carluccio's 2013 Easter ad campaign!

Appearing on the Italian restaurant's Easter ads, David's beautiful photographs of Carluccio chocolate candy eggs are the perfect treat to round out the Easter holiday. Check out the images below - and to read more about David's experience shooting this ad, or to view the video he filmed while on set, click here!!!!


David Sykes is here in the States!!

Originally from London, David will be in the New York and Chicago areas from now until April 10th - and would love to work with you! David will be in Chicago from March 28th-April 1st, and then will be back in New York from April 2nd-April 10th.

If you are interested in working with David, or in setting up a meeting with him, please contact us at: 212.564.0216 or ashley@jmireps.com!